Orthodox Jew Removed from Plane for… Praying???

Jewish cap as salam ‘alaykum,

Paranoia is TOTAL AWARENESS! Or so they neo-cons would have you believe. Below is an article about an orthodox Jew who was removed from a flight because he was praying. They knew he was praying, and were told that he was praying. While it is understood that planes cannot take-off unless all passengers are seated, it is shameful that religious people are treated with such intolerance. While this may come as news to many non-Muslims, Muslims who travel are really not surprised by the Islamophobia created by the Neo-cons which has led them to be harassed for praying in public places.

After seeing a Canadian University remove its prayer room early last year, we should not be surprised if North Americans airlines and institutions begin a ban on religious headscarves in the name of democracy and freedom! Who in the world ever thought that modest dress or prayer could get you arrested? Article below… (more…)