Orthodox Jew Removed from Plane for… Praying???

Jewish cap as salam ‘alaykum,

Paranoia is TOTAL AWARENESS! Or so they neo-cons would have you believe. Below is an article about an orthodox Jew who was removed from a flight because he was praying. They knew he was praying, and were told that he was praying. While it is understood that planes cannot take-off unless all passengers are seated, it is shameful that religious people are treated with such intolerance. While this may come as news to many non-Muslims, Muslims who travel are really not surprised by the Islamophobia created by the Neo-cons which has led them to be harassed for praying in public places.

After seeing a Canadian University remove its prayer room early last year, we should not be surprised if North Americans airlines and institutions begin a ban on religious headscarves in the name of democracy and freedom! Who in the world ever thought that modest dress or prayer could get you arrested? Article below… (more…)


Republican Candidate calls for the Bombing of Makkah and Madeenah

nuke as salam ‘alaykum,

Today’s biggest Islamophobe on the planet nomination goes to possibly the biggest fool in the history of U.S. politics! (no, not Bush) Talk about painting all Muslims with one brush!! Of-course, this would not serve to radicalize any more Muslims in the U.S. or abroad, or serve to unite Muslim countries as Makkah and Madeenah host numerous visitors at almost every time of the year from multiple countries. No, just bomb these sites as a “deterrent to prevent Islamic fundamentalists from attacking the United States…” I am certain many non-violent Muslims would respond to pleas for assistance from Saudi Arabia were such a thing to happen, here’s the kicker Tom, Muslims are not afraid to die from such terrorist attacks, insha’Allaah. The Muslims will not be intimidated by acts of U.S. terrorism, insha’Allaah. Article follows… (more…)

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US Army Trains Soldiers to Shoot Women and Children!!!

blood-for-oil.jpg Teenage U.S. deserter flees to Ottawa before Iraq posting

Second deserter settled in the city by Canadian group

Last Updated: Friday, July 6, 2007 | 10:38 AM ET

A U.S. military deserter has applied for refugee status after fleeing to Ottawa from a military base in Virginia before he could be posted to Iraq.

Ross Spears, 19, arrived in the city about three weeks ago after nine months in basic training during which he decided he could not support the war in Iraq.

‘At that point I was just like, “This war is wrong.”‘— Ross Spears

Spears said he signed up when he was 18 and believed he had to do his part for his country against the “terrorists over there.”

But he began having doubts three days into basic training.

“The cadences they made us sing were … ‘I went to the playground where all the children play; pulled out my Uzi and I began to spray,'” he said.

Spears said he signed up to be a truck driver, but was trained to kill using practice targets shaped like women in burqas with bazookas on their shoulders.


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Why did Thomas Jefferson own a Qur’aan?

q01a-large.jpg  as salam ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

Isn’t it interesting when something the Islaamaphobes wish they could cover up comes to light. Whether it’s the fact that Muslims invented/discovered much of the world’s sciences, medicines and laws; or that Muslims from Western Africa had already established trade and were regularly visiting the America’s well before Columbus; or whether it’s the fact that according to some Native American Historians, almost the entire Cherokee tribe had accepted Islaam prior to Columbus’s arrival, the fact of the matter is that the truth will come out. Take for example the fact that Thomas Jefferson owned a Qur’aan. Yes, that Thomas Jefferson. Is it possible that he knew something about Islaam that many of the Islaamaphobes and Neo-Crusaders overlooked? (more…)

Parochial Paranoia: The Muslim Question Blog (The Conclusion)

Do you know what your problem is? You’re stupid! 

In closing and in their final act of censorship, senior doyen, a.k.a. Lance “The Censor” has once again proven that he does not endorse freedom of speech as he has, again edited one of my comments.

After my post, Mr. Shlomo, the racist bigot responded: (more…)

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Parochial Paranoia (Part 2)


Dear sensible readers please observe the following abusive response being toted by Lance’s cronies as “Good work for us Christians” and “Vision” (note: swear words were slightly edited):

Lance (16:58:08): Hey Canadian-mohair-breath who actually lives in Holland,We don’t need any of your bull**** advice. Save it for your “non-moderate Muslim” bretheren. We don’t need a lecture, but you and your brothers do.Why don’t YOU go buy a book, like one written by Robert Spencer about Jihad, Sharia, Terrorism..Murder, Rape, etc…all done in the name of the false prophet and child sex offender Mohammad by Muslims?While your at it, look up the term Free Speech…it’s one of the reasons we allow you to comment here.


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Parochial Paranoia, Censorship, and the Muslim Question Blog Propaganda


Parochial Paranoia, Censorship, and the Muslim Question Blog Propaganda(Part 1) 

On January 30th, 2007 I was signing into my blog on wordpress.com, it was then that I noticed a blog called U.S. Arab Group Intimidates Google into Censoring the Muslim Question Blog. These ads periodically come up for blogs that are getting a lot of traffic and the like. It was then that I noticed a rant by the blog’s main contributor about Google shutting down their blog as a hate site. A brief perusal of their blog and the misinformation in it will immediately exemplify the reason for the site’s closure; for by far it is one of the most perennially poisonous Islamophobic websites I have ever visited.


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