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books as salaam ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

On Tuesday Shaykh Muhammad Maalikee called me; I was surprised because he was one of the speakers at the Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affaan Educational Seminar and because I don’t usually receive phone calls from a Shaykh. He mentioned two of the brothers there had asked for me and wanted to extend the salaams to me, masha’Allaah. Then he asked me, “Are you going to see the muftee tonight?” I was surprised and I said, “I’ll need a ride.” He said, “Call brother H. he is going.” When I called the brother, he wasn’t sure if he was going and said he would call me back. Finally he called me back and we were set to go, I was a little sad because I couldn’t fit my family in the car but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, my family encouraged me to go, so off I went.

I met the brothers at the Masjid near brother H.’s house and we were off, we just finished praying Maghrib and made it to the Haram by Ishaa’. It is always amazing to see the Kabah and pray in a place where the reward is 100,000 times the regular prayer. Tons of people there, and unfortunately, tons of shee’ah too.

We left right after Maghrib and began our trek to the hotel where the lecture was taking place. On the way there, one of the brothers got a call and said to us, “The lecture has been cancelled.” My heart sank. We decided to go and see anyway because there might be another lecture to replace that one, so we meandered in and out of alleys and shops until we made it to the hotel, Makkah was pretty busy, but I’ve seen it far busier. We were waiting for an elevator and when one came, a Saudi man who was there with his family before us went to the elevator and because he heard us speaking English, said to us in English, “First come, first serve.” That was so funny to me and would probably sound funny to anyone who has spent some time in Saudi Arabia because in general, no one in Saudi Arabia lines up, least of all Saudis. The most ignorant Saudis will go so far as to step ahead of everyone if they see a line because they feel they are Saudis and don’t have to wait. In any event, the man and his family were there first and one of the brothers responded to him, “This is true.”

We made it upstairs to the tenth floor and came to a door that was closed and we could hear the lecture going on. Brother H. turned to us and said, “The muftee is here, I can hear his voice.” We went in and sat on the floor. There were tables lined up with students from the west who came for the seminar sitting in the seats so we were shy and just happy to be in attendance sitting on the floor. Then, one of the brothers came to us and whispered, “There are some seats in the back.” So we got up and moved to the back.

If you’ve ever seen the Muftee Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Lateef Aal ash-Shaykh on those Hajj videos or on the Saudi TV channels, he looks younger in person. Also, the Shaykh was born with bad eyesight and eventually lost his eyesight around the age of nineteen. The Shaykh has a strong voice and was wearing dark black glasses, his beard hair was mostly grey and his head was turned to the right side so he was not directly facing us. Al-Hamdulilaah, I could see his reflection perfectly in the glass window so I observed. The Shaykh spoke fast and gave a heart-touching advice, then there were some questions and answers and the Shaykh was quick to respond. I mean, the one asking questions would barely finish the question before the Shaykh was all over the response.

The Shaykh was sitting beside Brother Aboo Sufyaan Zaahid, who was on his right, and Shaykh Muhammad al-Maalikee, who was on his left. The Shaykh also had at least one visible security police with him, who sat in the crowd and appeared to be taking notes and then the Shaykh said he had to leave and got up. I noticed the Shaykh was pretty tall, around my height at 6 feet or so, and was clean and his clothes were pressed. As he got up, the security guard rushed to get to him while five or six of the brothers tried to approach the Shaykh. Brother Zaahid encouraged everyone to sit down and explained that the Shaykh had to leave because he had another appointment and had originally cancelled but because brothers and sisters had traveled so far from the West and were expecting him, he decided to come anyways and say a few words even though there was a meeting between Scholars that the Muftee had to attend after the Ishaa’ prayer. He then called upon brother Aboo ‘Abdul-Waahid to translate and the brother did a remarkable job for someone who had to translate for someone else who was hurried and speaking very quickly. There were some closing words and I got to meet brothers from Texas, one of whom I hadn’t seen for some years and we got to speak and get a late dinner and talk about how things were in Texas, families, and get caught up.

The brothers I came with had to do some shopping so I got a phone call after 2:00am in the morning that we were leaving so I gave the brother from Texas my email and we were off. One of the brothers told me that Shaykh Muhammad al-Maalikee told him that his teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Aadam al-Ittiyoobee (a scholar of hadeeth in Makkah) had written a book that he wanted to Muftee to review and when he met the Muftee later for advice to his amazement, the muftee had memorized the book he wrote! Now because the Shaykh is blind, someone must have read it to him and he memorized it from that reading, masha’Allaah. Talk about a strong memory, and we have problems getting verses of the Qur’aan to stick because of our own sins and deficiencies.

I’d mention more, but it would be best to read the testimonials of those who attended the seminar for a better perspective. In the future, if anyone is able to afford to go to such seminars, they should as seats are limited and so many Shuyookh were in attendance for that seminar. The organizers are doing an excellent job trying to connect people to the Scholars as the Muftee himself even mentioned and made du’aa for the organizers and attendees, much to the anger of those who wish for this program to cease. The testimonials should be made available soon on and you can also read about last years attendees and get beneficial free lessons on the site. I want to attend next year with my family provided I don’t miss the lessons in Jeddah; I hope they will accept applicants in the Kingdom.

That’s all for now,

Aboo Mu’aadh  

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  1. Asalam Alykum

    Mashallah such a beautiful blog I look forward to reading you articles akee.

    Mashallah i watched QSSNY videos on youtube inshallah one day I wil attend.

    Can any one attend the lectures if they are in Makkah and Madinah?


  2. Wa ‘alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah,

    I don’t think so, even I had to apologize to brother Aboo Sufyaan for attending without his approval (I told him Shaykh Muhammad told us to come, which got us a bit of slack), but even from the standpoint that these people paid to attend and hundreds of applicants are turned away each year due to space, it wouldn’t be right to show up uninvited. Insha’Allaah, you can apply to attend from the baseerah website though and get accepted that way.


    Aboo Muaadh

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