Parochial Paranoia: The Muslim Question Blog (The Conclusion)

Do you know what your problem is? You’re stupid! 

In closing and in their final act of censorship, senior doyen, a.k.a. Lance “The Censor” has once again proven that he does not endorse freedom of speech as he has, again edited one of my comments.

After my post, Mr. Shlomo, the racist bigot responded:

Shlomo Muslim, Ph.D. (11:59:28) :

Dear canadianmuhaajir-

I love the way you use our laws against us. I love the way Arabs use our laws against us. And I love the way Muslims use our laws against us. But even more, I’d love to see you, Arabs and Muslims living by the rule of our law. That’s something Arabs and Muslims can’t stomach. Freedom. God-forbid dipshits be free. Oh my God. What would happen if freedom reigned for once in your beloved part of the world? Might peace and prosperity follow? And knowledge and openness and honesty? Or is that too painful to consider?

To which I replied:

Dear Shlomo,

“I love the way you use our laws against us,” I guess now I have been discluded from the “us” since I am a French and Native Canadian in my heritage but since accepting Islaam, I am no longer a part of “us” am I? As for freedom, what is evident and abundantly clear is that you need to understand what the word means. “Freedom” is not a choice between peas and carrots from a country where the most votes do not necessitate your becoming president (LOL). So understand that there are those who know the difference between the illusion of freedom and the reality of freedom; as a man who was eduacted in the West. So save all of your rhetoric for someone as obtuse and bigoted as yourself, and please do not attempt to engage me in a meaningful dialogue as I have seen your likes before.

The real thing that pains you (and your “brethren” please show Lance how to spell that one), is how a Western, educated man such as myself, raised in the Christian Church and going to Christian Schools my whole life, left Christianity and eventually, at the age of 22 accepted Islaam. The real thing that frightens you is that I am not alone, the real fear you have is for your daughter, or son becoming a Muslim. God forbid!

Above all of that, the most frightening thing, is that I am not a terrorist, rather I have fought and debated the terrorists from Hamas, Hizbollah supporters, and those who think Ibn Laaden is a saint, when all of them are raving dogs. And that I used evidences from orthodox Islaam to debunk them. So I am not a terrorist as you all might believe, I’ve lectured about the subject of terrorism and its causes in the University of Toronto and Buffalo’s University as well. We answered questions from professors and teachers, and when called on by the Canadian governernment to help assist, we have always been fully cooperative in explaining the key charcteristics/books/speakers who inculcate terrorist beliefs in the Muslim youth.

So it is not “freedom” that I have a problem with, it is that you believe yourself to be free and I don’t believe you (smiles). It is I and people like me that you are afraid of, and this blog is one of the many proofs for that. Now Mr. Shlomo, please go back to your insulting, antagonizing, offensive, and belligerent remarks, such meaningful dialogue is above you.

Looking forward to the editing of my post.


The prediction rang true! For shortly after I posted this message, Lance the Censor edited my post and wrote:

Lance (18:05:20) :

Notice canuckmohair didn’t deny being a terorist? I wouldn’t visit his site if my life depended on it. He’d probably trace my IP, send a hit squad over to my house, and I’d have to kill the bastards then chase him down. No thanks. I’m out of the army now. I’ll let the new guys handle this prick. (End of the Censor’s words)

Admittedly the double-standards are laughable and typical of an American Conservative! The reason you don’t see any denial of my being a terrorist is because Lance “The Censor” removed it! Recall my words, “Above all of that, the most frightening thing, is that I am not a terrorist…”

Sigh… what an unfortuante and pathetic scary world some people live in somewhere between Disney’s Magical Kingdom and Elm St. Therefore while awaiting in my “Amsterdam” home for Lance’s “new guys” from the army to “handle” me, I will occasionally be reporting on the fallacies and fairytales penned by the “Muslim Question Blog” and its blatant deliberations to misconstrue facts about Islaam and the Muslims. It’s a shame the US Army couldn’t have afforded Mr. Lance a respectable education, or at least some morality or respectable principles that he would not turn his back on whenever challenged to prove his claim.

So while the sun is getting ready to rise near my apartment in “Amsterdam” (LOL), and the call to prayer is about to be heard from 7-10 local Masaajid (Mosques), I find solace in the fact that I sleep far better at night than these alarmist amoebas full of paranoia and propoganda.

By now, one can see that the idiom about the one who debates with a donkey becomes a donkey is an axiom. Thus we close the door on this chapter of the Muslim Question Blog, never to post directly on their blog again, and only occasionally visiting their site to lampoon their laughable leaders and to demystify their currency.



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  1. Also, any posts Lance “The Censor” added to his own blog with my name on it, he edited in his typical sissified fashion, and posted words up which he ascribed to my name! He then alleged that I am the one who is “p’ed off.” Just remember friends, he DOES not run a HATE SITE! Bravo Google for having the good taste to censor his blog, now if only wordpress would take the same stance against those who promote hate and intolerance.


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