Parochial Paranoia (Part 2)


Dear sensible readers please observe the following abusive response being toted by Lance’s cronies as “Good work for us Christians” and “Vision” (note: swear words were slightly edited):

Lance (16:58:08): Hey Canadian-mohair-breath who actually lives in Holland,We don’t need any of your bull**** advice. Save it for your “non-moderate Muslim” bretheren. We don’t need a lecture, but you and your brothers do.Why don’t YOU go buy a book, like one written by Robert Spencer about Jihad, Sharia, Terrorism..Murder, Rape, etc…all done in the name of the false prophet and child sex offender Mohammad by Muslims?While your at it, look up the term Free Speech…it’s one of the reasons we allow you to comment here.

One of his cronies then followed with:

Arch (22:36:37): Hi there Lance.It is a pity Google removed your blog when they leave on blogs that corrupts American minds, – ( and the rest of the “Governmental uncensored” world ). I think that the exact aim of the the Muslim Religion is to wait for countries to get corrupted through pornography, alcohol abuse, drugs, music etc!, and then they go in and infiltrate the corrupted country, because then the country is WEAK!! The Muslims must love GOOGLE for Google’s blocking of “Anti-Muslim” blogs.

Why don’t Google block the pornographic content on their blogs? Because it pleases the Muslim world that Americans and other “Infidels” get their minds corrupted with this filth! Man – I like your vision Lance. Keep up the good work for us Christians.
O- what a pity I can’t advertise my site here! Your site must be very famous.

Then followed a ridiculous hate filled rant by another uneducated soul that was so full of “fowl” language and hate that it is not worth mentioning here. Wanting to conclude our discourse and beginning to see the lesson in my own metaphor about donkeys, I posted:

canadianmuhaajir (21:58:10) : Wow Lance! Why spew your venom on me? What exactly did I do to get your Neo-con underwear all in a bunch? Actually, I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and have never seen Holland in my whole life, but of-course, this is not your first assumption later proven to be wrong, get used to it.

I am always pleased when I see such level-headed Neo-cons reacting with such poise and temperate advice. Perhaps Google censored you for your obvious bigoted pro-hate message? Bang-up job you guys are doing promoting O’Reilly, Beck and the other Fox toadies.

I wasn’t lecturing by the way; just observing as a passerby who dropped a comment in assuming their might be cooler heads in your camp, it seems you were not the only one with mistaken assumptions. However, I do need to say that it is brilliant to advise someone who “needs advice” to lecture to others – more beautiful conservative logic for you.

As for Robert Spencer, then he knows as much about Sharia and Islam as I do about particle physics, and at least I could feign it a bit better from watching Star Trek in my youth. He’s as much an Islamic expert as I am well… Danish!

I can be spared the “free speech” lecture though, I don’t believe in its existence, let alone its importance. Not to mention the only time I’ve seen a sensible argument from you, it involved swearing – why how Christian of you! In the meantime, thanks for all of your warm remarks; they will make great additions to my blog!

Now when I say, “read a book” it means one actually put forward by those qualified in the field they are speaking about and Mr. Lance, because you don’t know me, you automatically assume that I have offered nothing by way of calling the Jihadist terrorists to the proper understanding of their faith. Had you merely asked, I would have told you that our US based Publishing Company published a book on the subject, “The Khawaarij & Their Recurring Ideologies” by the senior scholar Shaykh ‘Abdul-Muhsin Ibn Naasir Aali-‘Ubaykaan: 

With sincere hopes that cooler heads and calmer trigger fingers prevail,

Canadian Muhaajir

In an act of true cowardice, this turncoat, with all of his rants about free speech went on to delete my comment. Let’s go back to his words above.


“While your at it, look up the term Free Speech…it’s one of the reasons we allow you to comment here.”

My focus is not on his grammatical errors as you will often see his posts supersaturated with them, our focal point is hinged on the words, “Free Speech…it’s one of the reasons we allow you to comment here.” Hence, observe how this champion of free speech who complained about Google’s alleged naked aggression against the idea of free speech threw his entire principles wayside when a Muslim disagreed with him (And I’m sure Google did it without the insults and hate-mongering remarks). Examine what emanated from Mr. Lance, the Champion of Free Speech, and Harbinger of the Muslim Apocalypse, the Temporal Knight of Christianity in America (swear words are edited):

canadianmuhaajir (21:58:10) : Comment removed by blog administrator – we don’t allow terrorist to use our blog as a forum – we do send their IP addresses to the authoritiesOh, and you, canadianmuhaajir, and your false prophet MoHammy can swab my wang-dang-doodle. Why don’t you strap some C5 to your tiny balls and blow them up for Allah, the non-existent moon god of Mohammy-the-needle-d***? Good idea, eh!And you can lie all you want. That’s typical for Muslims–Taqqiya and all that happy horsesh**. But your IP address resolves here: OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre, City: Amsterdam, Country: NL”

Mr. Lance, is there not a sensible, sane, objective person in your camp to educate and advise you on what a “hate site” actually is? Are these you feeble and twisted attempts and what you deem “humor” that the Arabs and Muslims fail to understand? Look back at your words on your own blog:

Quote:“Without warning, Google obliged them, even though we are clearly not a hate site. We simply blog about radical Muslims and Arab groups, like AAI. We also joke and attempt humor, something Arabs and Muslims seem not to understand.”

Perhaps there is something you, Mr. Lance, are failing to understand but perhaps it is your own flighty ineptitude that have landed you in the land of bigoted. I will leave the answer to that to the sensible and competent. In the meantime, to close the door on your dilapidated parody I will address what was relevant from your final act of irreconcilable censorship.

Quote:“We don’t allow terrorist to use our blog as a forum – we do send their IP addresses to the authorities.”

I welcome the notion, but as you are unable to track down my country of origin from an IP address (probably due to your own inability to do proper research) I am not worried, perhaps you would do well to send all of your information to the authorities in Amsterdam?               

Quote: “Moon-god of Mohammy…”

Dr. Robert Story’s (Morey) Moon-God myth was debunked by Muslims and non-Muslims alike over a decade ago. I will leave the research on that to you.               

Quote: “And you can lie all you want. That’s typical for Muslims–Taqqiya… But your IP address resolves here: OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre, City: Amsterdam, Country: NL

Are you trying to say “Taqiyyah?” Why Lance, you even confuse Sunnees with the Shee’ah as the form of lying known as Taqiyyah is used by the Shee’ah to make the Sunnee Muslims believe they are like us. I will leave that to someone else to explain to you, but maybe someone could also explain to you how numerous servers corresponding on a single forum passing through various networks can give off incorrect IP addresses if improperly traced. To assist you in this matter I have run a tracert from my home computer to for you so that you can see that I am really in Saudi Arabia, not that your belief in that is of the utmost importance to me.


What is important Mr. Lance is that you take some time and understand what Islaam truly teaches, and that is to worship the Creator of all that exists without ascribing any partners to Him. It is my hope that reasonable people who view your blog and recognize its pro-hate message will be open to reasonable dialogues with people who want to bridge gaps between tolerance, understanding, and the true purpose of our existence.

With all that being said, I wish for you guidance and hope that this rebuttal has not been done in vain.  

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of LawMain Entry: hate crime
Function: noun
: a crime that violates the victim’s civil rights and that is motivated by hostility to the victim’s race, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law, © 1996 Merriam-Webster, Inc.


Canadian Muhaajir

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