Parochial Paranoia, Censorship, and the Muslim Question Blog Propaganda


Parochial Paranoia, Censorship, and the Muslim Question Blog Propaganda(Part 1) 

On January 30th, 2007 I was signing into my blog on, it was then that I noticed a blog called U.S. Arab Group Intimidates Google into Censoring the Muslim Question Blog. These ads periodically come up for blogs that are getting a lot of traffic and the like. It was then that I noticed a rant by the blog’s main contributor about Google shutting down their blog as a hate site. A brief perusal of their blog and the misinformation in it will immediately exemplify the reason for the site’s closure; for by far it is one of the most perennially poisonous Islamophobic websites I have ever visited.


So as I was reading the blog owner Lance’s logorrhea entitled “Islamofascist Arab and Muslim Groups Protest ABC’s Hiring of Glen Beck,” I admittedly became a little exasperated as I remembered Beck’s and all the other Fox patsies (like O’Liely)  and their Islamophobic views while I was living in Texas three years ago. I recalled Beck (whom I will now dub “Glen Check”) and O’Liely’s numerous inflammatory remarks against Islaam, Muslims, and anyone who didn’t agree with them for that matter.  Far be it for me to read such fallacious supercilious remarks made by a flunky pontificating his pundits without offering a sarcastic jab, I posted the following in the comments section at the end of Lance’s tedious insipid tirade.   

canadianmuhaajir (06:54:32) : Buy a book, ok?

This prompted a reaction from Lance about four minutes later which read:

Lance (06:58:51): What do you mean buy a book? Explain yourself, boy!

I know, I know, I should have left well enough alone, my friends often quote to me my own metaphor when I argue with some undereducated sap by saying, “A man goes into the farmer’s field to argue with a donkey, so who is the donkey?” I plead guilty, I enjoyed getting under the hack’s skin and I honestly thought that there might be some balanced people who read his blog, for it sometimes happens even among neo-conservatives that you may find a few people who can express their arguments well without coming across as a paranoid xenophobe. I met a couple while living in Texas and exchanged views with them in a meaningful dialogue and found some of them sincere and willing to listen to others views and work together to try making “our world” a better place. I even found that some of their arguments on immigration and social policies to be enlightening, and while we didn’t agree on everything the dialogue was meaningful and I walked away enriched by their arguments and had to acknowledge my own preconceived notions about “White Christian Conservatives from Texas” as being prejudiced. 

I responded in answer to Lance’s prodding:

canadianmuhaajir (07:02:26) : Yeah, like Glen Beck who commented after the Tsunami on Fox News, “How many future terrorists do you think were killed?” and the other toadies at Fox with similar comments, but that’s okay, you’re not a bigot and neither are they… are they?

What followed was about as presumptuous and prejudiced as one can get. Lance first made the assumption I was in Amsterdam, a mistake he will cling to until the end, he said: 

Lance (07:07:02) : Why are the weirdo commentors always from Amsterdam? Other neo-Nazis, I mean neo-Crusaders, I mean neo-Conservatives joined in (I have left out posts that were irrelevant): 

The Atheist Jew (14:35:39) : Congrats. It is an honor to piss off Muslims to the point that they try to intimidate you.You’ve done well.

Lance (15:19:26) : Thanks. Now let’s see how long it takes for Word Press to censor us like MSN and Google have.

patty (17:04:24) : Buy a book? Huh? Got me on that one. Ya pissed off another loving Muslim???
Wow I guess I need to try harder

Shlomo Muslim, Ph.D. (17:24:25) : Buy Korans and put them in bathrooms. Use the pages as toilet paper. It is interesting to note here that Shlomo Muslim, PH.D. is listed as a regular contributor on the Muslim Question Blog:

They all go off at this point discussing how Google censored their right to “Free Speech” which will become relevant later in this post. I responded to Patty’s remarks by saying:

canadianmuhaajir (16:53:32) : Hey Patty, buy a book is a suggestion to read more, not that I am pissed off… if you buy some books the difference shouldn’t have eluded you. I don’t know who the Muslim was trying to “intimidate,” let’s all try to visit and learn what words mean before just throwing them out there.

Have a swell day…

(End of Part 1)

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